Saturday, 6 October 2007

Campaign Launch

Today was spent campaigning in the constituency. Well, I say campaigning, but all political activists know that a more accurate (and far less glamorous) description would be 'chapping doors'.

I spoke to a surprising number of people today - it seemed everyone was at home, and happy to talk, which is always good. I got such a great reception, and was feeling all set for a snap election and then I switched on the news when I got home. Gordon Brown has postponed! Oh well, at least that gives me even more time to speak to as many residents in the constituency as possible. Got many thousands of people to try and contact, so the more time available the better. It also seems that I am the only candidate selected for the constituency so far. The other parties are yet to select their candidates...

Also have my new campaign website up and running (thanks for all your help Euan!) - check it out.

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Mountjoy said...

Excellent, Julie. Brown is likely to have to wait until 2010 to call a general election and, with the SNP well ahead in the polls in Scotland by then and an excellent local campaign by you, you should be able to win the seat.