Sunday, 20 January 2008

Farewell Anne

I spent most of today campaigning in Kilsyth for the forthcoming council by-election at the end of the month, but I had time this evening to attend a farewell gathering for my good friend Anne McLaughlin.

For those readers unfortunate enough not to know Anne, she is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She is only going to Sri Lanka for 3 months, but I will miss her a lot. Anne is one of those magnetic people that everyone likes to have around. She is very entertaining (often inadvertently) and utterly engaging. I used to work with Anne at SNP HQ, and not a day went by when she didn't have a hilarious story to tell.

Anne is fun, but she is also a sincere and true friend. I'm always telling her that she is sometimes too good a friend to other people and that she should look out for herself more.

Jamie and I also have a special reason to be fond of Anne, as she was our very own cupid. She knew we both liked each other from afar, and made sure we both knew about it. Thanks Anne :o)

Anne is off to Sri Lanka to work as a volunteer for a very deserving cause. I can't wait for her to return with a huge back catalogue of stories about all her adventures out there.

Good luck Anne!

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Indygal said...

Julie!!! Thank you, you nearly had me in tears but then I realised you were either practising the humourous posting or you'd got me mixed up with someone else. But thanks anyway, anymore of this and I'll not want to go. A :-)