Sunday, 24 February 2008

I survived!

For anyone who may be interested (other than my mum), the speech that I was fretting so much about in an earlier post was last night.

Months of nagging apprehension, a week of being nervous and then a day of being absolutely petrified came to a head at the Burns Supper I spoke at last night. People actually laughed! And this is no thanks to the readers of my blog, because not a single joke was sent to me via the comments section!

I'm actually beginning to enjoy this public speaking lark, especially as each time I have been presented with a gigantic bouquet of flowers as a thank you. Now, I do realise that these gifts are more than a little sexist. As far as I could tell, the poor men that were speaking alongside me received zilch - charming! However, it would be rude not to accept them and they certainly brighten up the living room. Plus, as all my vases were already full of flowers come Valentine's Day, my husband was excused from buying me any. When my folks were visiting last weekend, my mum walked into the living room and said 'Oh, are these your Valentine's flowers? They are lovely!'. Jamie momentarily looked like he was going to take the credit, but thought better of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Just to say that one of my relatives were at the burns supper you spoke at and you made a big impression on him! He really enjoyed it.

I'm always logging onto your blog and really enjoy reading it. Your doing a great job.



Julie Hepburn said...

Hi there

Thanks very much for getting in touch, and I'm really glad he enjoyed it.

I must say, I do love blogging - and it's a real bonus that somebody enjoys reading my various ramblings!