Thursday, 12 February 2009

Andy Kerr on your doorstep

Andy Kerr knocks on your door. He is furious, absolutely furious, he tells you.

“It’s outrageous!” says Andy, “the SNP have abandoned their plans to scrap the Council Tax”.

“Why is that outrageous?” you ask.

Andy: Well, because they promised to do it.

You: OK, well why are they not doing it now?

Andy: They can’t get it through parliament at the moment.

You: Why’s that?

Andy: Well... because both Labour and the Tories object to it and they know we won’t support the legislation.

You: But, if you don’t want to scrap the Council Tax, why are you so angry?

Andy: Because they promised they would do it.

You: But it’s not their fault that they can’t do it; surely it’s yours for blocking the policy?

Andy: But it was in their manifesto – so they should deliver it!

You: Aren’t they a minority government? Don’t they need the support of other parties to get legislation through?

Andy: Yes, but they promised!

You: So, let me get this right. You are angry because the minority SNP Government is being prevented from delivering a reform that you object to anyway?

Andy: Yes

You: Goodbye!