Thursday, 8 March 2007

Dr Spin

I was 'privileged' today to hear a speech from the infamous Alastair Campbell at COSLA conference. In an otherwise witty and engaging speech, he still managed to insert what he came to Scotland to do. He made an offensive remark about Alex Salmond, and said that he hopes 'nobody votes SNP' at the Scottish Parliament elections in May. When asked why he thought the SNP were doing so well in the polls, he muttered something about the media looking at the SNP through a 'prism', that polls told us nothing and that focus groups would produce a true reflection on attitudes in Scotland. What!?!

Just who does he think he is? He stood there and admitted that Scottish politics was not something he knew that much about and that it was none of his business really because he doesn't live in Scotland. Yet, he was happy to have a pop at the SNP on behalf of his London pals. How dare he slight the ambition of the people of Scotland, who are increasingly supporting independence and rejecting the spin and lies of those who seek to talk down our country.

Thankfully, we live in a democracy, and the people of Scotland can choose to vote SNP and choose independence. I hope they do.

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