Monday, 19 March 2007

Presidential Visit!

Jamie and I were out campaigning with SNP President Ian Hudghton and a rather large team of activists in Cumbernauld today. I'm still glowing after the successful SNP campaign conference at the weekend, and today's campaigning has been the icing on the cake of a long weekend (literally) of work on the election campaign. I'm using most of my annual leave entitlement to work on this election campaign, so I will be chained to my desk in the second half of 2007 :o(

But I don't care!

It's so heartening to speak to people who are now converted to the cause of independence for Scotland. People are really warming to the SNP's arguments, and the SNP - you can really feel the change when you speak to people on the streets and doorsteps. And there appears to be many reasons for this. Whether it's disaffection with Labour or frustration at the limitations of devolution that is fuelling desire for change, the SNP's relentlessly positive vision for Scotland is increasingly capturing the imagination of those who have opened their minds to change.

People are no longer buying the smears and scaremongering of those people who have a vested interest in keeping Scotland locked into a Union that holds our country and our people back. Gordon Brown is a classic example. The reason he is so keen on keeping Britain together is because he wants to be the next British Prime Minister, and has absolutely nothing to do with Scotland's best interests.

And the people of Scotland can see this in increasing numbers. I just hope that enough people do so in time for the elections on 3rd May. Just 45 days to go...

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