Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Take my advice

So, today the special advisers to the SNP administration were announced. Now all the chat about the behind-the-scenes stuff may float the boat of political geeks like me - but it's hardly news in the real world.

I'm sure the newspapers will devote column inches to this tomorrow - but not too much I hope. I am a little concerned that the media may now become too focused on the processes of the Scottish Parliament, rather than the outcomes. The fact we now have a minority government in Scotland, with all the implications for the operation of the Scottish Parliament that flow from this, may actually detract from the real issues this government is trying to tackle - if the media allow it to.

Personally, for example, I am interested in how the role of the Scottish Parliament committees will change as a result of minority government, and of course, scrutiny of our democratic institutions is vital - but we must not be too inward-looking. Our Parliament is only a means to an end - to run the country for the benefit of all our citizens.

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