Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Only Vegetarian in the Village

Jamie and I were in Cumbernauld Village last night, at a party to celebrate the 90th birthday of a local resident - who is an SNP member and all-round amazing woman. Beatrice Duncan has spent more than 40 years running a community hall in Cumbernauld Village, which serves as a facility for all manner of community groups. Twice a week she cooks a three course dinner for a number of local elderly residents - many of whom are significantly younger than herself.

Representatives of all those groups were present at last night's dinner in Beatrice's honour. I certainly felt privileged to be there. I only met Beatrice just over a year ago and have met her many times since at various SNP events held in the hall, and we've also popped in to a couple of the pensioner lunch clubs. Each time, Beatrice has gone out of her way to provide me with a lovely vegetarian meal. Each time, I have been the only vegetarian, so it is much appreciated.

I would like to say at the point 'I hope I'm as active as Beatrice when I'm 90' - but I doubt I'm as active as she is at the tender age of 27 (soon to be 28)!

Off out again tonight - this time for my friend Lindsey's Hen Night. So I had better go and get ready - it usually take a while :o)


Anne said...

"Soon to be 28" - is that just to remind us it's nearly your birthday Jules?

Julie Hepburn said...

Maybe... ;o)