Saturday, 3 May 2008

Day of Action!

I whirled round the constituency today, for the SNP's Day of Action across Scotland.

First Kilsyth, then Cumbernauld and then Kirkintilloch.

We were handing out the new 'Vision' leaflets, which outline the successes of the SNP's first year in Government and generally chatting to people in the town centres.
I must say, it is amazing to be standing talking to people about our RECORD in government. Before we were elected, I would so often have people say to me that all political parties are the same, and that they didn't think the SNP could run the country. And I always used to ask people to give us a chance, and allow us to show them that we could indeed do a good job on their behalf. And I think the SNP Government is repaying the trust that people across Scotland put in us when they cast their votes last May - many of whom were voting SNP for the first time.
But that's the first year in government over, and we must not spend too long dwelling on what we have been able to achieve so far. We have still so many goals to work towards - important work to be done in government using the powers that we currently have and campaigning for independence, to ensure that we have all the powers that we need here in Scotland to really start to transform our country for the better.

That's why I'll be out again tomorrow, chapping doors.


Math Campbell said...

I hate to go asking you a question like this, but I feel you're approachable, so I'll ask you...

Before I do though, some background so you can understand the context I ask the question in...

I moved to Scotland in 2001 to be with my girlfriend/life-partner (we don't *do* marriage, but everything in name but!). I moved here from England where I spent a majority of my young years.
I've just finished Uni, I'm 24 and "looking for employment" (sounds better than "still a student).

Here's the question.
How would I go about joining and getting involved with the SNP?
I find my ideas of "social justice" very in keeping with the party's commitments and manifestos. I passionately believe Scotland cannot be adequately governed by London; apart from all else, London serves the interests of England, a country of 50 million people with a completely different social, economic and cultural base to Scotland.
The needs of that 50 million are not going to be the same as the 5 here in Scotland, so guess who loses out...

Sorry, drifted off-topic there. My point is, I want "in". I'd like to help out, get involved, even stand for office one day, my way of doing something for the country that's given me a home; for Scotland is my home, I plan never to leave...

But how? I know you can join the party by clicking a link on the website, but that doesn't get me involved; I don't meet anyone, nor help anything.
Sorry to burden you with my question, but if you could shed some light as to how one can serve, I'd be very grateful.


Math Campbell

Julie Hepburn said...

Hi Math

Thanks for getting in touch, and answering your questions is not a burden at all!

Yes, the easiest way for you to join would be online. However, when you do, SNP headquarters will allocate you to a local branch and let the office bearers of your local branch know that you have joined. They will give you the details of your local branch meetings, and information like how to get involved in campaigning.

You are also still young enough (lucky you!) to get involved with the YSI - which stands for Young Scots for Independence. This is essentially the youth wing of the SNP, but it is a separate organisation. You can get in touch with the convener via the following website: This would be a great way of getting involved - as the YSI campaigns across Scotland.

If you would like more information, the best way to contact me would be through my campaign website. If you click on 'Contact Julie', you can email me without having to post your email address online. If you let me know where you live, I can let you know who your local Westminster candidate is and how to get in touch with them.

Thanks again for getting in touch, and welcome to the SNP!

Calum Cashley said...

Is that Dangerous Dave Ritchie out campaigning with you?

Julie Hepburn said...

He's Councillor Dangerous Dave Ritchie now!