Thursday, 15 May 2008


It is now just a few short weeks until we move from Glasgow to Cumbernauld. I have packed only a single box of what I can only describe as things that make Jamie's eyes roll when I appear home with them - candles, decorative things and the like. And I've run out of bubble wrap already!

I always have an endless 'to do' list these days, and it's not going to change any time soon. As well as moving, I am working hard on our constituency campaign. There are always leaflets and surveys to design and get printed, workdays to organise, activists to mobilise, doors to knock, press releases to write, local events and branch meetings to attend.

The second issue of destiNation (check out the link on the right) is going live this weekend too, and so I've all the new articles to read as well as my own article and editorial to finish.

I'm the political education officer (sounds grand, doesn't it?) for my branch, and I put together a little magazine in that role. One due shortly...

Work is also really busy at the moment, but absolutely brilliant! So many exciting projects on the go there too.

Over the past year I have just become really really busy. Partly because of Jamie's election - I've found that being a politician's wife does make you busier in itself (although it would be difficult to put my finger on how or why exactly...). But also because I made the decision to stand for the SNP at the next Westminster election. Being a candidate really is a way of life. It's like having an extra job.

But this workload will be nothing compared to the task ahead of me if I am elected. This would merely be the warm-up! So no politics tonight folks, just a wee meander through my mundane observations about the practicalities of my life at the moment. I'm off to unwind for a bit and watch Heroes!


Math Campbell said...

Don't let it grind you down, dinnae stress out too much, and I hope the move goes well for you!

Julie Hepburn said...

Cheers Math! I'm not too stressed - just acutely aware of all the tasks ahead of me :o)

Anonymous said...

Ah the old Parliamentary procedures defence.

Hmm, maybe some letters asking why then she voted for an amendment that clearly abolished the starting rate which is...was, er, 10p.

It's all online.

The same could go for the Metropolitan meeja who have to re-appraise themselves with events north of Watford and historic results.