Saturday, 19 July 2008

John Mason - one woman's verdict

Yes, my blogging has become rather focused on Glasgow East of late and this post is no exception. However, I have spared you from having to view yet another cheesy photo of me on the campaign trail (no camera today).

I just thought I'd take a break from packing (moving a week today!), to share one story from this afternoon. I spoke to a lady on the doorsteps who was undecided who to vote for, and told me that she was specifically struggling with whether or not to vote for John Mason.

I asked her why she was not convinced to vote for John, and she told me that it was for 'selfish reasons'. I was intrigued. I asked what those reasons were. Well, she told me that she thought John was such a good councillor and had done so much for the area, she didn't want to lose him to London!

After explaining that most of the work an MP does is actually at home in the constituency, she was reassured that electing John was indeed also in her best interests. Yes, they have to go to Westminster for debates, committees and to vote but most of their work consists of constituency casework on local issues and helping local people with their problems. So, he would not be 'lost' to London, but rather he would have the opportunity to help even more people in the local area as an MP. And, the bonus would be that the area also had an MP fighting their corner at Westminster.

This is the first person I've ever encountered who was considering NOT voting for a person BECAUSE they were doing a good job! But she was a lovely lady, and we had a really interesting chat. And her sentiments about John's job as a councillor reflect the feedback I've been getting about him on the doorsteps. I knew John was a hard-working councillor, with integrity, and a nice bloke with it - but I had no idea just how popular he was in the local area.

I'm back out tomorrow, and again on polling day. I hope to get the chance to blog before then and soon after the results, but the house move will no doubt have a limiting effect on my internet access for a while.

I am optimistic about the result of the by-election, mainly due to the feedback I've been getting on the doorsteps and from other activists. Fingers crossed for Thursday.

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