Friday, 17 October 2008

Alcohol motion - update

Well, the YSI amendment (mentioned in my previous post) was defeated after an interesting debate at SNP Conference today.

I personally voted for the YSI amendment, and regret that it did not pass - although a substantial number of delegates voted in favour too.

I fail to see how the YSI amendment could have been interpreted as an attack on the Scottish Government. Indeed, the YSI speakers in the debate all praised the general thrust of the proposals and the approach to this issue. I agree with the vast majority of the proposals in the consultation paper as well, I might add, and I congratulate our Government on putting forward some quite radical proposals.

The debate today was in stark contrast to the hysterical reaction of the opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament. Contributions from all perspectives in the debate today were principled, measured and constructive.

While I may lament the result of the vote, at the same time I am proud of the SNP's democratic credentials. The media and opposition parties might not get it, but we are a democratic party and that means having debates - including debates about our own Government's policies. This is healthy - especially in a governing party!

More on Conference soon...


Holyrood Patter said...

Cant say I agree with the wording of the ysi motion, and find that for the most part, its not the best run of organisation, and in fact, they seem to go out their way to avoid new members from what I can gather. Quite cliqueish. But thats my own opinion

Julie Hepburn said...

I have to disagree. The YSI is well run and welcoming. If they seem cliquish, then that it perhaps because they all generally become very good friends. That doesn't mean that new members aren't welcomed in as friends too.