Thursday, 2 October 2008

Tories Rule - (not) OK

So, the Tories think they can rule Scotland from Westminster, regardless of the election result in Scotland. Of course they do - look at their record!

David Mundell's comment sent shivers down my spine:

"We will have the right under the devolution settlement, whether the SNP likes that or not, to implement David Cameron's agenda in reserved matters regardless of how many MPs in Scotland we have."

Even if they don't have a single Tory MP elected in Scotland (I actually count David Mundell as zero MPs at the moment - he's as much use as a chocolate fireguard, as my dad would say), they still think they have the right to impose policies upon the people of Scotland that they have rejected at the polls.

Not that New Labour hasn't been foisting unwanted policies on Scotland from Westminster over the last decade, but they at least had an electoral base in Scotland and were the senior coalition partner in the devolved Scottish Executive.

These latest comments from the Tories demonstrate very clearly why they will never revive their fortunes in Scotland. The arrogance is astounding.

And, they demonstrate why independence will always be the better option than being at the mercy of Westminster politicians.


Jeff said...

Well, you could argue that reducing a democratically-elected MP to being nothing better than a chocolate fireguard is a little arrogant too...?

He did amass 16,141 votes at the last election.

Julie Hepburn said...

Not at all. Only a bit of harsh criticism. It would have been arrogant to say he was useless if I then claimed to be brilliant in comparison ;o)

Scot by choice said...

Don't really know why, but everytime I see or hear from Mundell I can't but think of a stiker I saw many years ago:

"Be kind to animals,
kiss a rugby player"

Isn't Jeff right Julie? You being a wee too unkind with the poor thing.

Besides, David is technically correct, until the Scottish People does something about it, constitutionally speaking, I'm affraid. We may not like at all, but is still the law. We have to change that.

Back to Glenrothes, got to put my money were my mouth is, I'll bring my camera though.

Julie Hepburn said...

Is this compassion for Conservatives week or something!?! I pride myself on not using my blog to be nasty, or to spread vicious gossip or rumours. I think the odd swipe at somebody who, in my humble opinion, has nothing to offer in the way of public service to Scotland, is acceptable.

Plus, I think my criticism of Mundell is less harsh than his comments about some of his own colleagues...