Thursday, 28 June 2007

Careful with our cash

John Swinney has taken some tough decisions on transport issues, some of which may be unpopular in certain quarters. And he, and the SNP, will no doubt be blamed for the extended deadlines to various projects - despite the fact that the previous administration had set unrealistic completion dates in the first place.

I know, from my parents in the Borders, that people are now complaining that the Waverley line will not extend further than Tweedbank and blaming the new government, even though it was the previous lot that designed the project!

Anyway, John is ultimately right to be cautious with our cash and put the brakes on EARL, as well as strict financial limits on the cost of the Edinburgh tram scheme. It is our money, and he is responsible for ensuring that our taxes are not wasted. The public purse is not a bottomless pit, and the government is already committed to expensive but necessary projects like a new Forth crossing, and other ongoing transport projects that are already set in motion.

I am certainly happy that John has his hands firmly on the purse strings.

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