Friday, 3 August 2007

Says it all really...

I do my best to try and blog on issues, rather than use my blog to attack people or spread gossip - but I'm sure that this doesn't fall into either of those latter categories...

I just have to repeat Andy Kerr's quote in today's Scotsman. When questioned about his potential candidacy for the Labour leadership in Scotland, he responded:

"I'm saying nothing about anything"


To me, this sums up the dire situation in which Labour now find themselves in Scotland, when one of those touted as of sufficient calibre for the leadership expresses himself in this way. From what I can gather, Andy Kerr is actually quite a nice guy. He is certainly more personable than Wendy Alexander - but neither really have the qualities required to lead a political party, never mind a country. Wendy may be brighter than your average Labour MSP, but it's all relative!

Anyway, on a slightly less biased note, it will be interesting to observe the battle for the leadership in what is an interesting watershed for the Labour Party in Scotland. How do the candidates propose to build momentum among their falling activist base? Will they change their approach to policy development and move away from the managerial approach of recent times? Will they evolve their position on constitutional change? Interesting times.


Mark McDonald said...

So, a coronation in Westminster and Holyrood too.

Labour's own peculiar version of democracy.

Thomas said...

If only the other Labour MSPs would say "nothing about anything" then they could leave the SNP to get on with things in peace.

Wouldn't be good for democracy of course.

I'd say Wendy is the best of a bad bunch to be fair.

The Wilted Rose said...

The truth is that Scottish Labour has been reduced to opposition and whoever its leader matters not a jot. The SNP are in for the long haul. In my article on my blog on Friday, in fact, I note that Ms Alexander has used a clip from a YouTuber - - who thinks Linwood, a working-class town in her constituency that has become popular with Glasgow commuters, ‘sucks’. Is she really fit to lead the Labour Party in Scotland, or even be re-elected to her constituency in 2011?