Saturday, 29 March 2008

'Not the SNP' Conference

I have now lost count of the number of times that the SNP has merited a mention at Labour's Scottish conference. Somebody really should tell them that they are not actually attending an SNP conference!

I can hear no new ideas, or positive and constructive debate from the Labour Party. It's just the same old rhetoric that we have heard from the UK Labour Party for a decade now. Yes, the National Minimum Wage was a key achievement of the Labour Government, but government is not about continued self-congratulation for old achievements -it is about having the competence to run the country in the present day and the ideas and vision for the future.

Just calling the SNP nasty names might be making Labour delegates feel better, but it certainly isn't showing them in a very good light and more importantly, it is not contributing to making Scotland a better place to live.

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