Saturday, 29 March 2008

Well done Brian Taylor

I've got the coverage of the Labour Party's Scottish conference on, while I get on with a few outstanding tasks.

I saw a little of Gordon Brown's speech, which I will come back to in another post, but I was impressed by Brian Taylor's commentary at the end. He referred to Gordon Brown's argument that Scotland can't be independent because issues like climate change cannot be tackled on an England-only or Scotland-only basis. Brian noted that climate change cannot be tackled on a Britain-only basis either, so if you were to take Gordon Brown's argument to its logical conclusion, then he is arguing for world government!

Well done Brian for highlighting some of the illogical and disingenuous arguments of the Labour Party for the continuation of the union.

I agree that there are many issues facing Scotland, such as climate change, that cannot be tackled on a national basis. But that's an argument for cooperation between the nations of the world, not an argument for the disintegration of national borders and governments. If Scotland cannot be independent because of climate change, then nor can France, Australia, Sweden, or even Gordon Brown's beloved Britain!

Independence, far from cutting Scotland off from the rest of the world, would allow Scotland to join the world community of nations and play a full and constructive role in tackling global issues like climate change.

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