Thursday, 15 February 2007

Are they for real?

Now, I've been involved in politics long enough to realise that when people don't have anything sensible to say, or a cogent argument to make, they resort to tactics like scaremongering. This is particularly true of politicians desperately trying to defend the union and talk down Scotland.

Their latest tactic? They are writing to the letters pages of newspapers, challenging the SNP to explain how we could possibly fund independence. Excuse me! This is beyond the realms of ridiculous - even for the usual suspects.

An independent Scotland would, of course, be funded in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as every other independent country on the planet! The wealth created in any given country is taxed by the government of that country. This money is then used to pay for everything from schools and hospitals, to social security and defence. Not exactly rocket science (but maybe a bit beyond the average unionist politician...)

Oh, and apparently after Scotland is independent, people will leave in droves. Really!?! Where will they go? To other independent countries? Surely not. If they are so adverse to independence for their own country, surely they would find it equally distasteful elsewhere...

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