Monday, 12 February 2007

Gordon Brown and my Chocolate Cravings...


Yet another evening has been spent stuffing envelopes for the election campaign while watching Eastenders - while Jamie is out speaking to people in Cumbernauld. I've convinced myself that chocolate is the perfect fuel to get me through all this campaign admin. By the time this election is over, I'll have consumed enough chocolate to fill a swimming pool! There's so much work to do behind-the-scenes for a campaign, so I won't be able to get out and about with other SNP volunteers much for a while yet. At least then I'll get the chance to walk off all this chocolate!

Begging Brown

Apparently, Gordon Brown and his mates have been up in Scotland, begging business people to 'come out' in support of the union. The silence so far has been deafening... In contrast, business people have been lining up to support independence for Scotland. And why shouldn't they? Independence is normal! It will give us the power to make our own decisions - about everything from the economy, to the distribution of the wealth generated by economic success.

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