Saturday, 17 February 2007

Underwhelmed for Scotland

While working on campaign materials for the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth campaign this afternoon, I stumbled upon Nicol Stephen's speech to Lib Dem conference (he's their leader by the way, but you would be excused for not knowing that - most people don't).

I have no desire to attack the guy personally. But as a leader, and even as a politician, he's dreadful. He used his bland speech, done in a cringe-worthy 'conversation-style', to outline his plans for Scotland. Among these plans was a promise to build big swimming pools in Aberdeen and Inverness. Now, we probably do need more swimming facilities, but in a speech about his 'vision' for the future of Scotland, two new swimming pools is hardly noteworthy.

I want more than a couple of new swimming pools for Scotland! That's why I believe Scotland should be independent, and why I vote SNP.

To be fair, Nicol did outline other policies - some of which were good. For example, his pledge to scrap the Graduate Endowment scheme (i.e. tuition fees). However, he completely failed to mention that the Lib Dems are actually in Government with Labour in Scotland, and responsible for introducing this scheme - which is burdening so many students with even more debt - in the the first place!

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