Monday, 21 April 2008


Well, it has been one hectic weekend, because I was attending SNP Conference in Edinburgh. More on that later...

On the Friday night before conference, a new website that I've been working on went live. It's called destiNation, and it's basically an online magazine/forum for articles and essays from a pro-independence perspective.

A huge thank you to Euan, who has been very patient with me over the last few weeks. You see, he's the technical whizz who has put the website together.

The idea of destiNation is to provide an online forum for commentary and debate about Scottish politics and public policy, from pro-independence contributors. Blogging has been a valuable vehicle for people - of all political persuasions and none - to air their views and stimulate debate. However, I felt that we were lacking a space that pulled together in a coherent fashion the ideas and contributions of those people who support independence. Most of the contributors to the first issue of destiNation are in fact bloggers - and you will find links to their blogs down the right hand side of this blog and on the destiNation website.

Please check it out, email a comment to me via the website or email if you would like to discuss an idea for submitting an article of your own.


Anonymous said...

I think this sounds like a good idea.

For a while now I've been thinking that whilst we all have blogs there's not really one forum where people really talk about different ideas.

I know that there's Scottish Roundup but that's more about summarising content than having a debate.

I think the only downside of destiNation is the pro-SNP/independence angle. Not that there's anything wrong with this but it's likely to be a constitutional blog where everyone agrees, rather than somewhere to debate ideas e.g. health, education, etc.

Still interesting to see how it pans out.

Julie Hepburn said...

Thanks for the comment. Part of the idea behind destiNation is to provide a space for debate on policy ideas - and leave behind much of the constitutional debate. After all, if the contributors all agree with independence as a starting point, then (in my opinion) this allows people to more freely debate and focus on the policies we could pursue with independence...

Please do read through the articles in this month's edition and leave a comment to stimulate debate!

Many thanks.