Thursday, 10 April 2008

Lib Demery

To mark the departure today of one of the volunteers from my office, I thought I would share something from one of our earliest conversations.

Miss X (I will protect her identity and spare her blushes) was talking to me about how she would like to get involved in politics, but didn't know which party to join. I advised her that she should join the party that best reflected her views on all the issues, to which she replied:

"Well, I have been thinking about the Lib Dems, but I just don't know... I'm not sure what I think about some issues - I kind of sit on the fence about a lot of things".

"Perfect!", I responded - "it's definitely the Lib Dems for you".

But apart from her Lib Demery, it has been a pleasure working with you L... eh, Miss X.

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Cyber Nat said...

Well I suppose it's thankful that it's not Labour.