Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Heading south...

No, don't worry folks - I'm not emigrating! However, I am heading down to London tomorrow for work, which should be rather interesting given the local elections in England and the fight to become London Mayor.

I have often thought about who I would vote for if I lived in England - especially in conversation with friends in England who would quite like to have another party to vote for. I remember years ago when I worked at SNP HQ, a guy from London called to ask if there was any chance that Alex Salmond might consider standing in his constituency. He said they were crying out for a decent social democratic party down there and that it was a shame the SNP didn't contest seats in England!

He was obviously attracted by our progressive policies, and who can blame him?

So, who would I vote for if I lived in England? Well, if I lived in England then I would make sure I was still registered to vote here in Scotland. ;o) But if I had grown up in England and planned to settle in England, then I'm not sure what I would do.

Definitely not the Tories. New Labour have become the Tories. And the Lib Dems are the 'mid-point' party; their purpose is to sit somewhere in the middle between the Tories and Labour, which must be a very uncomfortable place to be.

Yet, I would have to vote. I believe very strongly that we all have a duty to vote to protect our democracy. What a dilemma - thank goodness it's not a choice I have to make tomorrow!

Must go, up at 4am...

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