Monday, 14 April 2008

Labour in denial - Scotland won't wait for you

The latest poll has put independence ahead of the status quo. Great news. But even better, is the feedback I'm getting on the doorsteps when I'm out campaigning, which I'm sure is replicated across the country. Polls are one thing - opinions from people face to face are even better.

And people are increasingly telling me that they support independence - either when I speak to them in their community or in the surveys they return to our campaign team. It's wonderful to see so many people coming to the realisation that independence is not only normal, it's also desirable. They've seen what it's like to have a government looking after the best interests of Scotland in the devolved areas, and fancy a bit of good governance in the reserved areas too. If we can run our own health service and education system, why can't we run our own tax and benefits systems too? Well, of course, we can!

I am now beginning to cringe when I hear the response of Labour politicians to support for independence. Before, the lies they told and the fears they spread used to really annoy me - especially as people seemed to believe them without question. Now, those same arguments that the Labour Party and other pro-union parties have regurgitated for years are starting to look increasingly ridiculous. Poor Jackie Ballie is always wheeled out to deliver them too. Does everyone else refuse to do it because they know how daft they would look?

Just what will the Labour Party do when Scotland has voted for independence in a referendum? Will they still stand there and claim that most people don't want it? That independence is irrelevant? Surely not. At some point, they will get with the programme and tune in to the aspirations of the people of Scotland - and those aspirations are growing. The SNP is ready for the challenge to meet those aspirations. The Labour Party seem intent on limiting the ambitions of the people of Scotland. Denial can only last for so long, and the people of this country won't wait for Labour to catch up.

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