Saturday, 7 June 2008

Condorrat Gala Day

I went along to the Condorrat Gala Day this afternoon, with Jamie, my parents and their dog Abbie (smiling for the camera!). The photos here do not do the glorious weather or the great atmosphere justice!

The organisers of the event did a fantastic job, and everyone seemed to have a brilliant time. Yet again, the community spirit of Cumbernauld was on display. I have told my parents about this before, but they saw it for themselves today.

I must say though, having a cute dog with you does mean that you get into conversation with people more. Dogs are like people magnets! And Abbie was loving the attention.

We also popped along to the YSI stall at the gala day, run by the ever sophisticated Stephen Bowman. He was certainly a hit with the young ladies today, and he thought they were just interested in the free SNP and YSI pens ;o) That's Stephen with me and Jamie at the YSI stall in the picture above. For the avoidance of any doubt, he's the one with the shades!

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