Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Good news for Cumbernauld!

Good news for Cumbernauld!

What a huge relief to see that 800 jobs are to be saved in the town, and to see that there is potential for even more opportunities in the future.

I can't begin to imagine the kind of stress that people have been under while they have been waiting to see if the site would be taken over. I'm so pleased that the government has been able to help secure these jobs.

I caught a bit of a programme on TV last night (don't know what it was) that covered the Thatcher years, and Tory after Tory appeared on screen dismissing job losses and high unemployment under their government as though they were nothing more than an unfortunate 'by-product' of their higher goal of capitalism. What these people forget is that the economy is there to serve people, and not the other way round. They talked about the 'human cost' of their policies, as though that was immaterial compared to the economic 'gains'. Well, behind every job loss and unemployment statistic is a real person, and there are hundreds of people in Cumbernauld tonight who will be feeling huge relief after today's announcement.

The day we lose sight of what politics is all about i.e. people, is the day the world turns Tory. And it is worrying that some people seem to be falling for the 'Dave' Cameron ordinary nice guy routine. Lest we forget, this man is a huge fan of Margaret Thatcher...


Jonathan M. Scott said...

Fantastic news about these jobs being saved.

I agree that it is insensitive and heartless for any politician to describe job losses as a by-product of policy. Indeed, under Labour tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost. Gordon Brown, too, is an admirer of Thatcher and had her to tea at No 10. Labour consider job losses today as a by product of its policies - ironic, isn't it?

A lady on the doorstep in Crewe told me that her grandson committed suicide a few years back because he didn't have a job. In 1985 it hit our family hard in Northern Ireland when my dad was made redundant.

Politicians MUST support our jobs - and stand up against modern evils such as offshoring on the like.

Julie Hepburn said...

Yes, both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown admire Thatcher, which is both ironic and disturbing.

Given the record of New Labour in government, I am constantly baffled as to why so many people claim that they are still the party of the workers.

Granted, there have been some progressive steps like the NMW and improved maternity/paternity measures - but this is only part of the picture. Such measures are very quickly negated by regressive measures like the abolition of the 10 pence tax rate, and the spiralling cost of living due to factors like rising fuel and food costs.

Gordon Brown appears so preoccupied with Labour's performance in the polls, that he has little time to spare a thought for the millions of people across the UK who are struggling financially and incredibly stressed about the situation.