Friday, 13 June 2008

Mr President!

So, the Republic of Ireland has said NO to the Lisbon Treaty

I can't say I'm surprised given the strong NO campaign. And to be honest, because there is so much in the Lisbon Treaty, there is bound to be at least something in there for everyone to disagree with. The SNP also has a couple of problems with the content of the Lisbon Treaty - but Scotland won't be given the opportunity to vote on this issue, because the Labour Government at Westminster will not putting this to the vote across the UK.

I'm no expert on matters European I'm afraid. I know what you're thinking - that doesn't usually stop me from commenting ;o) But I will leave the analysis of the impact of this decision to others.

But I will explain the title of this posting, and the photographs. The photo above is of me with Ian Hudghton MEP, who is the President of the SNP. This snap was taken outside a recent meeting of all the SNP's candidates for the European Parliament elections next year. The meeting was organised by Kirkintilloch branch of the SNP (half of which is in the constituency I'm contesting - hence my presence in Lenzie that evening). We heard speeches from all the candidates that evening (picture below), and I must confess to having been informed by them. The Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty just wasn't on my radar before that.

Anyway, the European Parliament elections next year will be an important milestone for the SNP. The more MEPs like Ian Hudghton that Scotland has in Europe the better, and the SNP is fielding a strong team - who all know a lot more about the EU than me!

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