Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The eyes of the world

The Scotsman has run an interesting story today (yes, really!) about the worldwide media interest in the Scottish Parliament elections.

Apparently, there has been an influx of foreign correspondents to Scotland, all keeping a watchful eye on developments.

What a breath of fresh air! Scotland has always attracted tourists from around the world, keen to experience our landscape, heritage and hospitality - but we are now on the political map too!

And this will just be a taste of things to come if Scotland chooses independence, and joins the world community on equal terms as a nation-state. With independence we will have our own voice in the world (not some muted distortion through Westminster), other countries will be able to hear what we have to say, and we will be able to play a full part in helping to address the challenges facing all nations and citizens on this planet.

The stage is set, the lights are on, the eyes of the world are watching - all we need now is every citizen of Scotland to play their part in moving our country forward to independence.

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