Saturday, 28 April 2007

Walking with Dinosaurs

So, the last few days have been a complete whirlwind of activity - so much so, that all I can manage when we get in after campaigning is to drink a quick cuppa before bed! My blogging rate has suffered as a consequence.

But I just had to find the time to share the following with you...

We were campaigning on Kilsyth Main Street this morning, when the red balloons appeared around the corner, followed by a gaggle of Labour activists. The centrepiece of this ensemble was a retiring Labour councillor, who obviously thought he was auditioning for the part of town cryer. He was walking down the street, bellowing bizarre statements about the SNP and Alex Salmond. He called Alex a few names and shouted that 'the consequences of independence will be unspeakable'. Of course, amused and bemused by this strange tactic, I couldn't help but offer the following retort - 'yes, unspeakable - unspeakably great!'. He didn't like my friendly banter ;o)

He did us all a favour this morning though. Not only did it give us a chuckle, it also reminded the passing members of the public just why they are so keen to kick Labour out of government at this election :o)

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