Monday, 2 April 2007

Power to the People!

Following yesterday's STV debate, the Liberal Democrats have been talking up the idea of a Constitutional Convention to discuss new powers for the Scottish Parliament. They suggest this as an alternative to a democratic referendum on independence!

Basically, the Lib Dems are proposing to establish a talking shop for politicians and interest groups. No wonder people have a cynical view of politics sometimes!

Contrast this with the SNP's plans.

We want to take this decision out of the hands of politicians and interest groups, and put it firmly into the hands of the people of Scotland. That's why we will hold a DEMOCRATIC referendum on independence - and allow the people of Scotland to decide our country's future.

The SNP trusts the people of Scotland with their own future. The other parties must know that Scotland's people will choose independence too. Why else would these self-interested politicians seek to deny them a democratic vote on independence...?

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