Sunday, 29 April 2007

The final countdown - a pause for reflection

As I sit pondering the imminent last few days of the campaign, through my haze of exhaustion, I am still in awe of the SNP's position in the opinion polls, newspaper endorsements and the growing warmth and support for our party.

It appears that Scotland has opened its collective mind to the prospect of an SNP government and independence.

Perhaps it was inevitable that, after a few years of devolution, people in Scotland would increasingly begin to recognise the benefits of self-government and want even more. And it's not surprising that people are turning to the party that has consistently fought for Scotland's interests, and offered a positive future for Scotland with independence. The SNP of course!

But, the result is not a foregone conclusion. Only a fraction of votes have been cast (in the form of postal votes), and this election will be decided on Thursday when the vast majority of the electorate - who choose to use their vote - will make their trips to polling stations across Scotland. We still have a mammoth task ahead of us over the next few days to keep up the momentum of our campaign and persuade as many people as possible to vote SNP!

Whatever the final result of the election, I am proud to be part of the SNP - a party that has fought a positive campaign, based on policies that will benefit the people of Scotland, and a party that will offer the people of this country a say in Scotland's future. All we can do is put forward our vision for Scotland, and hope that people share it.

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