Saturday, 14 April 2007

I'm cool!

Well, according to a group of young girls I met while out delivering Jamie's leaflets in Cumbernauld this afternoon :o)

Why is this newsworthy you ask? Well, that would be because it's the first time anyone has EVER described me as cool! As the school swot, with an interest in politics, my level of street cred has always been subterranean. Perhaps I met a new generation of potential SNP activists this afternoon ;o)

Anyway, politics may not be cool (and I'm certainly not) - but it is worthwhile. And that's what is keeping all of us activists going at the moment, through the exhaustion threshold, and what drives us constantly - the thought that we are playing our part in moving our country forward, to the benefit of all of Scotland. Hopefully, in a few years, those girls I met today will be benefiting from an SNP government and independence.

Now, that would be cool!

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