Sunday, 22 April 2007

Tunnel Vision

At last, I'm beginning to see the finishing post in this election campaign. When I first started writing this blog I mainly concerned myself with whatever issue exercised me most that day.

Ever since the campaign stepped up a gear my consciousness has become almost entirely consumed with organisational matters. Organising Jamie's schedule and campaign materials, leafleting, accompanying Jamie on visits and as he campaigns in the town centres and round the doors, and - the most of exciting of all - stuffing envelopes! That is one activity I certainly won't miss :o) My fingers have been shredded by paper cuts over the last few weeks, that was until I found a solution - pink rubber gloves! Great protection.

When you actually get a chance for a more in-depth chat with people about the issues that concern them most, it reminds you why you are turning your life topsy turvy and spending Saturday nights wearing rubber gloves while you stuff envelopes! Today, for example, we spoke to people on their doorsteps about Labour's plans to spend billions on nuclear weapons and disgraceful levels of child poverty in Scotland.

And that's why I remain motivated throughout election campaigns. At this election, the SNP has an historic opportunity to govern Scotland, and make real improvements to life in this country. Our plans to scrap the Council Tax and introduce a fairer system of local taxation, and our proposals to free young people of student debt, will make an enormous difference to thousands of people across Scotland.

But this will hopefully just be the start. An SNP government will give the people of Scotland the opportunity to shape their own future, with a referendum on independence. The people of Scotland deserve nothing less.

Right, back to those envelopes...

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