Sunday, 1 April 2007

I don't BELIEVE it!...Does Jack?

Now I'm a grown-up, and I recognise that the world is full of people with different opinions. That's partly what makes the world such an interesting place. But when someone espouses an opinion they usually have an explanation for why they hold this opinion.

But not Jack McConnell! And that's why I object to his politics so much.

He has no explanation for why he objects to an independence referendum, and allowing the people of Scotland to decide their own future. He waffles something about 'uncertainty'. The only 'uncertainty' I can see relates to Jack McConnell's future in politics after May...

He does not explain why he is willing to let Scotland to be used as a dumping ground for Britain's deadly nuclear weapons.

Nor does he enlighten us as to why he is stuck like stubborn mould on bathroom tiles to the unfair Council Tax - a tax introduced by the Tories, which penalises those who can least afford it.

The only explanation I can see is that Jack does not actually hold these views. Rather, he has been instructed by his bosses in London to regurgitate these lines, and relentlessly attack the SNP and our desire to give control over Scotland's future to Scotland's people in a democratic referendum.

That's why he looks so embarrassed and awkward when he reads his script from London. We deserve better than someone who cannot stand up to likes of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to protect Scotland's interests.

That, for me, is the most important difference between Jack McConnell and Alex Salmond. Jack will do his best for Scotland UP TO A POINT - when it's easy and his London bosses don't interfere. Whereas Alex Salmond will ALWAYS do his best for Scotland. He won't pick fights with Westminster just for the sake of it, but he will stand up to those who would damage Scotland's interests. He won't roll over for any London masters. Scotland will always come first.

I watched the debate with the leaders of the main parties on STV earlier this evening. Jack was flustered and struggling - because he knows that people can now see through the self-interest and scaremongering of the Labour party. Alex Salmond was relaxed and confident, not because he is complacent about the good opinion polls for the SNP, but because he trusts the people of Scotland to choose a positive future for our country and is optimistic that they are ready to take that first step on 3 May.

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