Monday, 23 April 2007

The reinforcements are coming!

So, Blair has dispatched his loyal troops up north to save Labour's faltering campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections.

How considerate of these New Labour politicians to take time out of their busy schedules to come to Scotland to remind us all that we are far too stupid and far too poor to run our own country. We should not want something better for ourselves and fellow citizens. We should certainly not aspire to be a normal country, with equal status in the world community of nations. The very idea! Just as well we have the likes of Hazel Blears to keep us in our place.

Does Blair actually believe that sending some New Labour ministers up here will do the Labour Party in Scotland any favours? Does he really believe that sending these people to deliver the same tired old message to people in Scotland will work to Labour's advantage?

All this does is reinforce the contrast between the Labour Party and the SNP. The SNP trusts the people of Scotland to shape their own future, a more positive future based on our country's equality with the other nations of the world. The Labour Party doesn't trust the people of Scotland to make the decisions that really matter, and they are not shy about telling us this.

The SNP wants the best for Scotland, the Labour Party wants to protect the union and the careers of politicians that depend on the continuation of this political union.

I have confidence in the people of Scotland that they will ignore Labour's scaremongering, and vote for Scotland's future.

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